Car Wash Dealers in New York

Do you own or are planing to own a Automatic Car Wash business in New York? Service 1 Wash is a car wash equipment supplier in New York. We’re here to help your business become more efficient and profitable. Service 1 Wash brings all products and services a Car Wash operation might need, closer to you.

Car Wash Equipment Installation in New York

Owning a car wash business involves more than cleaning cars; you need to ensure customer satisfaction to make sure patrons keep coming back. Your clients expect a spotless clean wash. Using inferior soaps and chemicals might save you a few bucks but it will cost your reputation as well as your equipment’s usable life. To ensure optimal functioning of your investment, you need to use manufacturer approved soaps and detergents especially designed with the density, viscosity and concentration required by the components your automatic car wash is composed of.

In addition to supplying these high quality soaps, waxes and other chemicals, Service One Wash brings you other services such as:

  • Equipment Sales
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repair

Car Wash Equipment Sales

One thing that will help you offers your customer quality service is use of high quality car wash equipment. Using such top-notch equipment means that your output will be a perfect reciprocate of the top-notch equipment. Car Wash Technology keep on changing every year.

Your potential clients are attracted to modern machinery with exotic wash cycles, under car and tire cleaning brushes and more. Investing in modern equipment with a multitude of optional cycles means that you can charge upgrade fees for more thorough washes.

Car Wash Equipment Installation

Service One Wash not only sells car wash equipment, we also make sure that your new machinery is installed correctly and leave it running efficiently. Automatic Car Wash components are complex and require professional installation by specialized technicians with advanced training in plumbing and electric installation.

Service One Wash technicians will deliver the equipment to your location and expertly install it for you. Working directly with Service One Wash eliminates the risks of improper plumbing or incorrect electric installations that can be expensive to correct if not done right from the beginning.

Regular Car Wash Maintenance

Even though the modern car wash equipment we sell is designed for durability, all car wash equipment is subject to wear and tear over time. Bristles and cogs need regular servicing to ensure your car wash business keeps running while keeping downtime to a minimum. Machinery supplied by Service One Wash requires very little maintenance, but when it does, you will want the car wash equipment experts to perform quality maintenance services for you.

Car Wash Equipment Repair

Like any other complex piece of machinery, automatic car wash systems may require repairs from time to time. In some cases, components can wear down to a point that they will need to be replaced. Some automatic car wash equipment is prone to malfunctioning, especially if necessary maintenance is neglected. If your car wash malfunctions, Service One Wash has specialized staff to repair your equipment. Some car wash components use highly specialized you wont find in the home depot. In case some hard to find component malfunction, we will be able to replace it.

Car Washing Supplies

Do you need a regular supply of soaps and other car wash chemicals? You can get all your supplies from Service One. What’s more? You will get these supplies at a pocket friendly price. You too enjoy free delivery with every stock you buy. You too can rest assured that you will get high quality brands. Service One deals with tried and tested products that are approved for use with your car wash systems. Some of the brands that they deal with include:

• Motor City Wash Works
• Hydroflex
• Istobal USA

Service One operates in many cities around New York including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse just to name but a few. This company has evolved to be the leading car wash dealer in New York. If you have any questions or would like to get a free quote, contact Service One Wash from Monday to Friday at (917) 202-9524, you wont be disappointed.