Car Wash Equipment, Supplies and Repair in New Jersey

Operating an automatic car wash business in New Jersey does not need to be a major challenge. Service One Wash provides you with essential products and services that can help you manage this type of business. By relying on the experts in the industry, you can keep your car wash operation up and running while ensuring your long-term success.

Your main goal is to meet your customers’ demands and expectations as you provide them with exceptional quality service at all times. You can make this possible by using only the finest detergents and car wash products that will leave an excellent outcome to their cars.

In addition to a range of manufacturer-approved detergents and chemicals, Service One Wash offers the best services you will need for your business. Among these services that the company provides include installation, maintenance, repair and equipment sales. With the professional assistance of our highly qualified technicians, you can forget about the hassle and stress of maintaining your car wash equipment.

Car Wash Equipment Installation


The best way to prevent damages or serious issues with your car wash equipment is by relying on experts who can properly install every component in these machines. Our team of professionally trained and qualified technicians can install and ensure the good condition of any car wash machines.

Machinery Repairs

Due to wear and tear, your car wash equipment may break down or malfunction. When this happens, it is best to consult the experts who can repair and prevent any severe issues with these machines. Service One Wash can help you with this concern, so you will never have to end up buying new pieces of equipment regularly.

Regular Maintenance

Durable car wash materials are just what you need to save more money from repairs or from buying new ones almost every week. If what you look for are durable and low-maintenance type of supplies for your car wash business, then you should check out the product line offered by Service One Wash. You will be amazed at how sturdy and easy to maintain these products are, which give you the best value for your money.

Equipment Sales

A brilliant way to have more loyal customers in the business is by providing them with the finest car wash services that they expect. With this in mind, make it a point to invest in machines that utilize high-end car wash technology. When you have machines that run and operate efficiently, you can cut down the amount of time spent in washing every car. What’s more, sophisticated equipment ensure professional results all the time.

Car Wash Supplies

Provide your customers with branded and renowned products that they can use for their cars. Among the finest brands that we offer include Hydroflex, Istobal USA, AVW, and Motor City Wash Works. We also make sure that our products come with a reasonable price that suits your budget.

Service One Wash caters to businesses situated in New Jersey including nearby cities such as Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison, Woodbridge, Lakewood, Hamilton, and Trenton. Request for a free quote now by calling us at (917) 202-9524 (Monday to Friday).