Car Wash Equipment Dealers in Massachusetts

As the owner of an Automatic car wash business in Massachusetts, you probably need professional cash wash equipment supplier like Service One to make your business more effective and profitable. This can only happen if the patrons keep coming back because you also focus on customer satisfaction. Today’s customers are very specific about what they want and expect a spotless clean wash that you cannot achieve if you are using cheap soaps and chemicals that might cost you your reputation and reduce equipment life. Instead, use manufacturer approved detergents and soaps designed with the viscosity, density, and concentration compatible with the components of your automatic car wash equipment. We supply high quality soaps, including the following:

  • Equipment sales and installation
  • Repair
  • Maintenance

Car Wash Equipment Sales and Installation

Since car wash technology keeps changing every year, you need to stay in the loop by using top-notch equipment with exotic wash cycles, tire, and under car cleaning brushes n that your customers are attracted to. We will not only sell you car wash equipment, but also deliver it to your location and perform professional installation, which can cost you if electrical installations and plumbing is done incorrectly y amateurs.

Cash Wash Repair and Maintenance

Despite modern cash wash technology offering superior equipment designed for durability and efficiency, wear and tear will still occur over time. For instance, bristles and clogs require regular servicing to keep downtime to a minimum. The equipment we supply need very little servicing, which our professional technicians perform whenever there is a malfunction.

Car Wash Supplies

If you need regular supply of chemicals, detergents, and car wash soaps, Service One will get you high quality brand supplies at pocket friendly prices, with free delivery for every stock bought. Brands Service One deal with include:

  • AVW
  • Hydroflex
  • Motor City Wash Works
  • Istobal USA

Service One operates several in cities in Massachusetts, including Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge, New Bedford, Brockton, Quincy, Lynn. Make an inquiry today and get a free quote.