Car Wash Dealer in Connecticut

Do you want to start a car wash or improve a business like this in Connecticut? The right machinery and chemicals can help make your name in this competitive industry. We can provide you with every product that you could possibly need to succeed.

Drivers prize their cars and a regular cleaning lets them show off their asset to the world. Even those who do not have time to work on their vehicle themselves expect that the same care and sense of pride is displayed by car washes. They will be loyal to businesses that deliver quality and use the best chemicals and machinery. Our experts will help you find tools that allow you to produce winning results with every car that you work on.

Use the Best Chemicals
Your customers always expect quality results and you can deliver a spotless automobile to them by using the best detergents and soaps. Buying cheap waxes may seem like a good way to cut down on your expenses but in the long run some of these actually damage a paint job, leaving unsightly spots that turn customers away.

Get Modern Equipment and Innovative Technology
Your clients will be impressed when you use the latest technology in your operations. Both men and women want to feel good about the way that their vehicle looks after it is cleaned and we supply modern tools that help you do the job right.

We Service What We Sell
Wherever you are in Connecticut, our team of dedicated specialists can maintain and repair all of the tools that you use. We serve car wash dealers by fixing complicated machinery in all major cities, including:

  • Bridgeport
  • New Haven
  • Hartford
  • Stamford
  • Waterbury
  • Norwalk
  • Danbury
  • Bristol

We are ready to serve you whenever you experience a mechanical problem or need supplies delivered to your establishment quickly. Our store carries specialized components from leading brands like Motor City Wash Works and Istobal USA. All of our tools and replacement parts are available at prices which suit your budget. Call us for a free quote at (917) 202-9524.