Car Wash Supplies

In order to ensure that a vehicle is properly cleaned, it is important to select the right car wash supplies for the job. Using ordinary household chemicals or products may result in damage to a vehicle’s exterior paint or the worsening of already existing rust spots or blemishes. Ordinary household cleaning methods have also been proven to be more wasteful of water and less environmentally friendly. Service One can provide the right professional car wash supplies for every situation.

Essential Car Wash Supplies

A sturdy car wash brush that will not scratch the surface of the vehicle is an essential piece of car wash supplies to own. Most quality brushes are made of boar’s hair or nylon bristles that have the right amount of give to smoothly glide over the surface of the car. Rinsing a car prior to brushing it is imperative. Dirt particles can often provide unwanted resistance and scratch and damage cars, even with the smoothest of brushes.

Having a variety of cloths for both washing and drying a vehicle is also important. The most popular materials used in car washes are microfiber and chamois leather cloths. These materials are absorbent enough to remove excess chemicals and water, but smooth enough to avoid scratching the surface of the car. The softer a towel is, the less surface will come in contact with the vehicle. It is also essential to examine the nap of a drying cloth. Nap is the amount of padded material that sticks out from the surface of the towel. Drying cloths with more nap per square inch are more successful in removing individual dirt particles from the car’s surface. Service One provides a variety of car washing and drying brushes and cloths.

Commercial Car Wash Options

Commercial car wash supplies are often more efficient than the supplies available to the everyday car owner. Professional car wash supplies often include pretreated soap and chemicals that are more environmentally friendly. Commercial car washes also use pressure washers and direct spray options, which use far fewer gallons of water than an average garden hose. Professional car wash brushes are also specifically engineered to fit the contour and grain of an automobile and to reduce the resistance offered by any gritty dirt particles. Using traditional hand wash methods can often result in swirls and blotchy water spots that commercial methods can more thoroughly remove.

Contact Service One to find out more about wholesale car wash supplies options and how to purchase the commercial car wash materials of your choice.