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Istobal Car WashAutomated car wash systems are the most advanced and efficient processes for cleaning vehicles. Not only can automatic car wash systems offer quality cleaning service to your customer without forcing them to leave their vehicle, but they are perfectly designed to treat all types of vehicles with care and attention. Automated car wash systems do not often require an attendant to operate and can allow for a greater number of customers to be served.

Automatic car washes spray pretreated chemicals of varying pH levels as the car passes through their conveyor systems. These chemicals are designed to penetrate the toughest dirt and grime and to remove byproducts of driving that hand soaps cannot. Chemical tire applicators will spray these chemicals into the hard-to-reach areas of hubcaps and tires, as well as under the undercarriage of the vehicle. Many cars experience a buildup of brake pad adhesive and oil residue that will not come off with simple scrubbing. A car’s undercarriage, in particular, gets caked with mud and dirt that is not often visible to the naked eye. This residue, however, can prove damaging to the vehicle over time, as it often disintegrates the chrome exterior of the car.

Service One provides automatic car wash equipment for sale at reasonable prices. Advanced pieces of car wash equipment are readily available.

Important Car Wash Parts

Automated car wash systems contain valuable parts that are designed to clean vehicles without damaging their exteriors. Service One is available for all of your car wash parts needs. Specially-designed vacuum pumps and pressure washers expel water at just the right range of motion and pressure so as not to damage a vehicle’s paint or glass. Rocker brushes and mitters are made of special canvas materials that rub loosened dirt away from the vehicle. These brushes can be purchased separately and changed annually, as they can wear out with repeated use.

A touch-less car wash is another option that cleans vehicles without using any brushes or cloth that may potentially damage the car’s exterior. Touch-less car wash parts, such as high pressured jets and water temperature calculators, may also be purchased separately for installation. Touch-less car washes are advantageous because they minimize the potential exterior damage to a car’s paint, glass, and detailing.

Be sure to contact Service One to inquire about any automatic car wash equipment or car wash parts for sale.

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