Car Wash Equipment Repair

Car Wash Tunnel and Equipment Repair

Occasionally, car wash maintenance must be done on the physical components of the car wash system. Proper car wash repair can be done after a full troubleshooting assessment. There are many working parts in a tunnel car wash system and improper calibration of any one part can throw a wrench into the entire workings. Fix your car wash by checking the calibration on all water nozzles, conveyor belts, and timing devices.

We can repair most car wash equipment regardless of the manufacturer. Our technicians have extensive experience in repairing equipment from the most common brands, including MotorCity, Hydraflex, Istobal USA and AVW Car Wash Equipment

All side brushes and mitters have bearings that regulate their range of motion, and these may need to be lubricated if the brushes are not rotating correctly. A titration test performed on an empty car wash bay can be helpful in pinpointing the repair problem. During the test, observing where chemicals are sprayed and applied and how brushes move can be instrumental in troubleshooting a car wash maintenance issue effectively. Immediate car wash repair is essential, as any equipment that is not properly functioning can damage a future customer’s vehicle.

Acqualab Chemical Distribution System Repair

Service One can perform all the necessary daily or weekly maintenance to keep your business up and running. Service one can also help if you need to buy new car wash equipment or perform regular service to your existing car wash infrastructure and keep downtime to a minimum, we can help.